Monday, October 02, 2006

Final preps for Perryville

Getting everything together for my first reenactment since Kinston, NC. Feels good to get out and back on the line. Lost a little bit of weight, exercised a good deal -- I should be doing good all weekend.

Right now, I'm having to borrow a couple things so I can adjust my impression to reflect the Kentucky Campaign better. Hopefully, I'll be sporting a civilian sackcoat and I plan to do some sutler diving to snag a decent homespun haversack. I'll have some photos ready afterwards.


Mike K said...

I plan to attend the reenactment as a spectator this weekend. What unit will you be with? I'll try and stop by to say hi.


mntineer said...

Mike -

My group will be falling in with the 9th Texas, Company G. Ask for Eric from the 37th NC. You may have to ask around some to find the 9th TX, but you'll eventually get there.


David Corbett said...

Dear Mr. Elephant ,
I wil l be performing as "BATTLEFIELD BALLADEERS " at Perryville. If you see me strumming and singing, stop by and chat. all for the old flag,
David Corbett

mntineer said...

David -

Will do! We'll be getting in around noon time, so I'll be sure to keep an eye for ya'll.