Friday, September 22, 2006

Safe afterall?

Looks like CCI musket caps may not be the reenacting bug-a-boo as previously thought. The concern was that these caps had a tendency to fire hot and scatter hot pieces of cap when busted, creating a potential hazard, not to mention being painful to other reenactors in close proximity.

A poster in the CCG forums says the problem has to do with proper musket maintenance rather than the cap itself. The trick is to be sure the hammer hits the cone squarely.


Spiff said...

Good news for CCI. My unit never really had a problem with the caps coming apart but they are noticibly louder than other brands. The captain and 1st Sgt. banned them after the captain claimed to have suffered hearing damage from one. Another good argument for hearing protection I guess.

mntineer said...

Must be pretty loud if the Captain is complaining that they're too loud! Pity the poor privates!

Spiff said...

Well, he was the 1st. Sgt. when it happened and I think it was actually his own musket that did it.