Monday, September 25, 2006

Ouch! It hurts when you get caught

Looks like the Camp Chase Gazette is in a bit of hot water with Civil War Historian Magazine. Flatly, the CCG reprinted an article from the CWH without consent from the original author, and furthermore, printed it under another name. More about this here and here.

I hope this gross lapse of judgment on the part of CCG will not mean the demise of a magazine with a long and gloried past within Civil War reenacting. Maybe too, it will mean that the editors and staff will get off their butts and produce a quality product, or face a house cleaning so these things can take place. Actually, the house cleaning should be a given considering the plagiarism.

CWH has set the standard high, although its become the WIG Journal as of late. The CCG needs some major over-hauling to come close to the new standard.

My real concern is with the current good part of the CCG - the forums on their Website, which to me, are a great source for information. Hopefully things can go on as before, after the fall-out is settled.

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