Saturday, September 16, 2006

My favorite Sutler of the week

I had a busy Thursday and Friday, so My favorite Sutler is coming to you today!

If you're looking for a great price on an authentic shelter half, then Heywood Shelters might be just the ticket. I'm not sure of their status, but they might be worth contacting. According to the site, their product was reviewed well in the Watchdog, and is a reenactor-made item.

They make both the 1862 and 1864 model shelter halves, although the late model seems to be the default. They also offer the shelter half in two cloth weights 10 and 8oz, both of which seem to be authentic choices.


Jude said...

Even though I'll never be a reenactor, I find your blog fascinating. One of my ancestors complained that he contracted a lung disease (probably tuberculosis) while chasing after Confederate guerillas in the hills of east Tennessee as part of the 4th Mounted Infantry. Seeing the shelters on this site makes me realize how much more I have to learn about what he might have experienced.

mntineer said...

Jude -

Although you may not become a reenactor - you can definitely help! As a matter of fact, what you just posted is a small *gold mine*.

Would you be willing to do some posting on The Southern Loyalists site? If you go to the post just under this one, and link into the Hot Bed forums ( You don't have to register, and you can open a new thread under 4th East Tennessee Mounted Infantry, US. Tell us about your ancestor, and I'll (and hopefully others) see what other information I can dig up about his unit.