Monday, September 18, 2006

Group Spotlight

The Western Independent Grays (WIGs) have been in my scope for as long as I've been running this blog. Within the hobby, they're one of the premier groups. They find their way into Civil War Historian nearly every month, and they seem to have participation in many of the top-notch events in the hobby. They were part of the Confederate battalion at Corinth, and did a good job there from what I could tell being on the opposite wing.

Looking at the Web site, they're a very active group devoted to authencity, which always strikes a high note with me. Passionate reenactors make push the hobby forward in many ways. The site has all the essentials, and is simple to navigate around in. It definitely follows the "KISS" principle - it's a very simple site that is completely functional and well-maintained. I surf it quite often.

The only critique I can give the WIG site is that it follows KISS too closely. It can be spiffed up a bit and not loose the simpicity. This site needs a little bit of color. BUT I don't suggest the usual backgrounds you find on many reenactor sites, particularly Confederate ones. A bit of color would lend some friendliness. But other than that -- it's a great site that deserves a bookmark.

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