Thursday, August 17, 2006

My favorite Sutler of the week

Stony Brook Company is a new vendor for me - I've just sent off an order for their William Deering museum-grade trowsers. They're the only vendor I know that seems to totally specialize in Federal trowsers. Even for museum-grade construction, the prices are pretty decent for authentic stuff.

The one thing that strikes me (and sold me) on Stony Brook is that the owner, Chris Sullivan is honest and up front about materials. He uses Woolrich material that matches up with the original cloth very closely. The only rub is that it's an 85/15% blend, but he has some great reasoning for using the material. I've read that his contruction is as close as it gets to an original pair, and a few avid reenactors on the Authentic Campaigner forums give his stuff a thumbs up. I say, if you can't tell from even a close inspection, then it's kosher. I can't wait for my pair of trowsers, and I'll post my opinion on them later on.


Jude said...

Since you're a customer, you might recommend that he work on his website. It's ugly and difficult to navigate.

I'm not a reenactor, but I do a yearly presentation on my four Union Civil War ancestors for 5th graders in my town. I enjoy reading your blog and learning more about reenactors.

mntineer said...

Jude -

Thanks for reading the blog!

Admittedly, many of the business sites I list here could make a better presence on the Web. This especially goes for Greg Starbuck who dearly needs a hand with his site, but is one of the best known vendors in the hobby.

But for the most part, these guys are running a cottage business, and getting a Web designer is usually out of the cost question. I'd rather take ugly in place of completely unuseable. :-)