Friday, August 18, 2006

Interesting groups on the reenacting fringe, Pt 7

No Civil War living history can be absolutely complete without the surgery tent. And to my surprise, there is an organization that is devoted to those old sawbones - The Society of Civil War Surgeons.

This organization is very impressive to say the least, especially for such a limited segment of the hobby. It's been around for 26 years, has a yearly convention, and Web site is nice and easy to navigate, with a goodly amount of information covering Civil War era surgery. To me, I'm in awe mainly because I thought most reenactor surgeons were older fellas with a secret desire to be drenched in fake blood, with a saw in hand and a vict...I mean patient... on the table.

For those comtemplating an impression should go to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, or at least visit the site. Nice photos of the exhibits plus a plethoria of information on medical practice of the era.

Another great resource for those wanting to go into the CW medical impressions is this site. It has a bunch of info on CW era medicine. I like how this site begins:

For the Unfortunate Civil War soldier...

You got that right!

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