Friday, August 04, 2006

Interesting groups on the reenacting fringe, Pt 5

This weeks "fringe" is not a group or period, but rather, a category of reenactor who represent the correspondents in the American Civil War corner of the hobby. I've always looked at these guys as a mix between civilian and military, and are always colorful in nature.

The most colorful correspondent I found was James Allen Davis (or Torin Finney in real life) He has a great Web site that's fun to surf around. He has a well-developed persona and by the looks of his attire, he seems to be very flamboyant. His impression is great, and his field drawings seem to have a period flair to them.

Another interesting correspondent comes in the person of Tom R. Grandy. His site makes me wonder if the home "papers" of the correspondents could be organized much like the recreated regiments on the military side of the hobby. Mentions a move from the Richmond Dispatch to Harper's Weekly. That would be very cool if you had competing "papers" out on the field getting "the story".

Update: Although I haven't found an obit, there's a memorial section for Tom Grandy on the Bohemian Brigade Website, linked below. I'll keep this entry on the post since his site is still up and is very relevant to this subject. If anyone has any further information on Tom, please email me.

I have to admit I have a favorite reenacted correspondent. Junius Henri Browne, was an actual reporter for the New York Tribune, but is reenacted by David Foote. I can say that he looks the part! My partialness comes from the fact Browne was an actual historic figure (as far as war correspondents go) and Mr. Foote has the impression nailed down and very convincing. The site is very cool by any standard and his writing style is very smooth and easy to read off the computer.

If you desire to reenact a correspondent, then here's a great article on the subject. I didn't catch this site before I wrote the above, but the Alfred R. Waud and the Bohemian Brigade Website is totally devoted to reenacting Civil War correspondents. It's a great site, and has bios and examples from each correspondent who is a member.

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