Saturday, August 26, 2006

Impressions - Basic Eastern Confederate, 1863-64

As promised earlier this week, here's my basic Confederate uniform impression. Although it'll get me into most events, I'm not really satisfied with it. This occasional serial will cover my efforts to take my impression the next step up, and make it something that fits the event bill as good as possible.

Generally, this impression is a bit of a flight of fantasy set in the Eastern Theatre in the early '63 to early '64 timeframe. If you look close enough, it's really standard Federal gear and a Confederate uniform. Confederal is probably a good term for it. But I aim to change it up a bit in the future.

The shell jacket is of the North Carolina Depot variety, and the trowsers are a civilian design. Both are from North State Haberdashery. Rex Hovey did a great job on both pieces, and I see them spending a long time in my collection. He uses material produced by Ben Tart, so I'm at least comfortable I have authentic reproductions.

The 1861 Model Springfield is a defarbed ArmiSport, and the bayonet is the same.

Missouri Boot and Shoe made my accoutrements, which consist of a black roller buckle belt, a US standard style cap pouch, US 1861 model cartridge box and shoulder strap, and a two rivit bayonet scabbard. The Haversack Depot made the US issue tarred haversack.

Orchard Hill Sutlery provided the canteen, brogans and blanket, as well as other personal items such as eating utensils, cups, and the such.

The slouch hat was a purchase from another reenactor - OK call me lazy - I wanted a nicely used hat.

I'm very comfortable and happy with the quality and accuracy of the items above, I took a good amount of time to research what was a good deal from the viewpoint of cost and authenticity. To be honest, I'm not going to pay a considerable amount of money solely for the satisfaction factor.

Right now I'm looking at going to Perryville and converting this into a 1862 Western impression, unit unknown. If you're a reader with some good ideas on what to get to accurately and authentically convert the impression (I've a $300 budget to do this), please make a comment and I'll look into your suggestion. I also take any handy no-cost tips that would improve my impression too. I'll post the final result like I did above, before I trek to Perryville.

ps: Pvt. Mntineer also knows that he looks if he's had too much time with the Quartermaster and Commissary Departments, and he's working to remedy that situation. :-) Just consider me a fresh fish soldier for now, and see what the Perryville impression brings.


Kelvin said...

hello from a blogger down under in New Zealand. I was searching the blog world when your blog popped up. I found the posts I read very interesting, so I have mentioned your blog @ #486 on my blog 21 21 21 Blogs

David Corbett said...

Dear Mr. elephant ,
Your Confederate impression is as good as almost any "campaigner " I've seen including those at Corinth '05 . If your weight disturbs you consider a frock coat and dye your trousers a dark color . Also facial hair whether real or "reenacted ", will slim and frame your face. Good luck.
all for he old flag,
David Corbett

mntineer said...

David -

Thanks for the suggestions! I was actually one those Confeds at Corinth '05, so I'm off to a good start! My weight only bothers me in the way of overall fitness. I'd like to trim up to enjoy the more physical events better, and to not feel so dog-tired at the end of a Corinth-type event day.