Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Depression is...

... missing a great event because fate gets in the way! Just got this email from my group leader:

We have been invited by the NPS, ANYTIME. Ranger Tom said that he wished we would come every weekend. Our drill was as good as it gets. Praise by spectators and rangers alike. Ranger Tom has asked us to pick a weekend next year and that we will be would be their "Guests of Honor." Pards, we really impressed the powers to be. It was a great moment in our history of reenactors.

Then again, there will be a next time, and like that old Doritos commercial says, "They'll make more!"

Congrats to my pards for helping to make this a very worthy event for the NPS and visitors to Gettysburg National Park. Great things happen when you put enough heart in it, and my group is all heart.

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