Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cool group site of the week

The Chesapeake Volunteer Guards site is a good example of a well-maintained, low-tech (in Web terms) site. Plenty of pictures, color and good layout, but a straight-up site. If you lack a Webmaster that can devote tons of time to your site, a design like this would be great. Everything is laid out within a single mouse-click, and navigation is fairly simple.

There are plenty of reenactor pictures and information to make this site surfable and "affable". The only thing I would take off though is the mention of another group that the CVG were affiliated with and apparently are no longer so. I you can't mention the name on the Website, then it looks like a legal problem, and no one wants to step in one of those. My opinion - don't mention any association with the group at all. Group politics shouldn't surface on a site that also serves as your group's "public" face. Afterall, first impressions do count!

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