Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cool group site of the week

The Terrell's 37th Texas Cavalry site should be labeled the "curious group site of the week" -- there is no other site that takes the same direction as this one does.

It is by no means a modest site as evidenced by this paragraph in their introduction:

With more than 100 pages and 2000+ visitors per month this site remains the largest, most visited War for Southern Independence reenactor web site. Receipt of 117 Web Awards for content, contribution to the Internet community, design, and ease of use also makes our site the most honored site about the War for Southern Independence on the Internet.

But there is something that can be said for confidence! The Terrell's site can back it up, too. It's one of the best constructed sites in the hobby, and it very graphically pleasing as well being very well organized and maintained. Group site maintenance is a big problem within the hobby, and has excluded some good but very out-of-date (or defunct) sites from Cool Group site recognition.

The curious part of this site is that it concentrates heavily on black American participation in the Confederacy. It has a ton of information, particularly in relation to Andrew and Silas Chandler and other information on the integration of blacks in the Confederate army. I think the site has to be surfed in order to get all the information. It's interesting whether you agree with its conclusions or not. I personally like this site, and find myself going back to it on occasion to see what else they have uncovered.

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