Monday, August 21, 2006

Back on track

Well, the living history at Gettysburg would have put me on track, but fate interceded. My fall back event is Perryville, KY.

Starting with Perryville, I'm going to try something new for this blog - add to my basic/generic impression and see if I can come up with an event-specific impression that is somehow unique for each event. I'll post a photo of my basic impression sometime this week, and before each event, I'll post another photo and point out what I've done to change it up. This should be a fun (hopefully not bank-breakingly expensive) thing to do.


David Corbett said...

Dear Mr. elephant ,
Good for you ! I am alwasys impressed when a reenactor uses imagination in presenting an impression.
All for the ofd flag ,
David Corbett

mntineer said...

I'm hoping this will be a fun thing to do every so often -- and get the readers here invovled in helping me "dud" out my impression a bit. :-)