Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cool group site of the week

When I first started looking for the cool group sites, I weighed my judgement on what information it held and the way it looked. This week's cool group site isn't a graphical marvel, BUT it is a site that everyone should bookmark. For what the Hard Case Boys site lacks in looks, it makes it up in friendly look 'n feel and a sincerity that keeps you coming back. These guys really like doing things right, and this desire shows on their site. It's certainly a place I refer to when I need to look into events that don't readily show up on the usual radars.

Incidently, the organization of the Hard Case Boys heavily influenced OSORG - this the way to create and maintain a group; use the mess system, keep rank and ego low. Hats off and thanks for the common sense approach.

Although this isn't a favorite sutler plug (yet), and is part of the Hard Case Boys site, Farb No More Clothiers looks like a vendor I'd like to do some business with. They have a Federal bent, but they seem to have an eye on the authentic, and their prices are great for their hand-stitched products. As a side note, Timothy Arnold is an Iraqi War vet, and I'm all for supporting the guys who really put it all on the line in their endeavors, great and small.

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