Sunday, May 21, 2006

What I'm reading now

**Welcome Civil Warriors readers!**

"Attack and Die" by Grady McWhitney and Perry Jamieson seemed to challenge me to read it from the bookstore shelf. To be honest, I'm a little skeptical of the book's premise of "Civil War military tactics and the Southern Heritage", but that was the point that probably attracted me the most. After reading "Was Jefferson Davis Right?", I tend to be leery of the books that somehow point to Southern heritage as an excuse for indulgences of the era. "Attack and Die" seems to smack of the myth of Southern militarism being a born trait.

OK, I do admit a little skeptics' bias in the subject area, and I'm a born Southerner with a large Civil War pedigree to boot. But hey, I'm game to the argument that this book will put forward.


David Corbett said...

Dear Sir ,
Whether you agree with the authors or not the book is interesting to read . McWhinney pushes the Celtic bit too much but he has his right to an opinion . There were just as many or more Celts north of the Mason -Dixon Line . Contrast this book with Paddy Griffiths "Battle Tactics in the Civil War ."
All for the old flag and enjoy your blog ,
David Corbett

mntineer said...

I've noticed a quite few books tying Celtic and Southern hertiage together to come up with reasons to explain a quirk in Southern thinking that is supposed to set it apart form Northern thinking. Like you, I don't buy the basic argument. The North has a strong Celtic heritage too.