Sunday, May 07, 2006

Drill Day

I've been away for a couple days to recharge and participate in my favorite hobby. This latest wasn't a huge affair, but it's always a fun time for me, even if I'm not exactly in the mood to go.

Some background is in order here. I'm a member of the 37th NC, but we form up with the 18th, 33rd and 51st NC to create Company B, of the 4th Regiment in the Army of Northern Virginia organization. As a company, we're a pretty tight group.

Company B's typical meeting place is Alamance Battleground -- an early Revolutionary War site, strangely enough. The curator is great fellow, and always welcomes us, so Alamance has become our central drill area, since Company B is scattered throughout the state.

One can't say too much about drill, it's one of those things you do in order to learn and hone your abilities as a reenactor, and learn and unlearn things you've picked up studing manuals and the such. We try to emulate Hardee's Revised Manual as closely as possible, discarding the reenactorisms that creep up. I think we do a great job, although we do debate the finer points from time to time. The thing I noticed is that our drill was good, even the new guys seemed to be getting it right of the bat. I suprised myself by how much I was able to retain and actually do. I was a Stack Arms incompetent, but now, I can do it pretty well and without a hitch.

Some of my pards maximize their time at these drills, improving camping techniques and doing some experimentation. We also have some musical talent! Two members of the Huckleberry Brothers gave us a sample of their tunes between drill sessions.

The day ended early for me, I had to go and to attend to home matters, but I'm glad I went. Can't wait till the next one. That'll be an invitation-only living history at Carlysle, PA in June.


Lizz said...

Hey there! I am so hoping you can help me...I am trying to write a fiction story and one of my characters is a Civil War buff and wants to become a reenactor...This is something I've always been interested in and I'm hoping I can ask you some questions. I really want to learn about this...I love your site and thought you would be someone full of knowledge that would help me create this character with respect. Thank you for your time

mntineer said...

Hey Lizz - I'll be happy to help out. It's been a while since I was a newby, but I think I can help you with any questions you have.

lizz sisson said...

Great! can you email me with your address don't want to take up any space on your blog.
Thank you so much for your help