Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Current rumor: Musket Cap shortage?

It seems that word is going around that Dynamit Nobel is either going out of business, or getting out the musket cap business. Either way, if the rumor were true, it would be a blow to the hobby. RWS caps are the best caps for the money.

So far, nothing is posted on their Web site, so maybe this rumor can die on the vine and we all can enjoy Dynamit Nobel's products for some time to come.

UPDATE 4/20: Posted a query on the Camp Chase messageboards, and the consensus so far is that no one has heard this rumor, and if it's true, it's a non-issue for the present time.
UPDATE 4/24: It looks like that there are two RWS scenarios floating around. 1) RWS is going to cease production of musket caps and 2) RWS is being bought out, but will continue manufacture. No solid information though. Info via Camp Chase messageborads.

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